Pasta Street

The two of us have a few places in Bangalore that we love to visit! Since it’s our love for food that brought this blog, we felt it was only fitting that the first food related post on this blog stem from a visit to one of those wonderful places. A craving for ravioli led us back for a third visit to Pasta Street, which has branches in Indiranagar and Cunningham Road. We have a soft spot for the latter, and that’s where we take you today via this post!

We’re not food bloggers. Just bloggers who love food. So we don’t have an assortment of dishes to take you through. We ordered 2 drinks, a starter, a main and a dessert. Having been there before, we knew the dishes would be good.

ginger mint mojito

Drinks – Ginger and Mint Mojito

It was the first time we tried that particular mojito and it was tasty. Diced ginger didn’t make the drink very strong, and it felt the right drink as we had the food.

barbecue wings

Starter – Barbecue Chicken Wings

Delightful succulent deep fried chicken wings glazed with a barbecue sauce that was spicy, sweet and tangy all at once. It was heavenly and both of us enjoyed every bit of it. It was that sauce that made the dish as good as it was, really! At one point, I wondered if I should order another plate immediately, but that decision was shelved for later, and when “later” came, our tummies declined the idea firmly. It’s something that has become a favorite, and to-be-ordered again the next time we return to Pasta Street.


Main Course – Ravioli

Pasta Street has over 15 ravioli dishes on their menu. We’ve tried ravioli with red sauce on earlier visits and found we’re partial to the white sauce one! Today we ordered ravioli with chicken sausage and mushrooms, sauteed in garlic, onion, green chilli, parsley, butter and mixed with cream sauce. Cooked to perfection, this made us close our eyes and just enjoy each bite. There was bread along with the dish, but we didn’t really need it until the end (to wipe our plates clean)! Was it perfection on a plate? We felt so.


Dessert – Tiramisu

We don’t usually order dessert, but we did today. It turned out to be the right decision! It was soft, yet not soggy. The taste of coffee was there, but not overpowering. The grated chocolate added a nice texture to the dessert and it was presented very elegantly as well, so we could eat with our eyes first!

We sat near the entrance today, so there was natural light for our photos and it felt nice. The dessert display was near our table and made us quite hungry too. The music in the background wasn’t jarring and made for an elegant dining experience! The staff welcomed us when we sat down, and attended to our order quite promptly. Our server Bijen was polite and asked us about the food and our experience, and even regaled us with a small tale about one of the dishes in the dessert display!

The overall experience today left us quite happy, and we’ll definitely go back for more. The dishes were value for money too. If you are a pasta lover and want to try an Italian restaurant, we would definitely recommend this place!

Signing off,
The BFFs Leo and DDS!
Dated: 6th October 2018.


16 thoughts on “Pasta Street

  1. What a delightful venture V and DDS! It is so wonderful that you are sharing your great foodie experiences with the world. I hope you are starting an instagram page for this as well! Wishing the bffs the very best!

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